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Jan Broome, Professional Tennis Racket Stringing

Jan Broome
610 South Scientific St
High Point, NC 27260
(336) 454-2152

Tennis Racquet Stringing
Tennis rackets, strings &
grip sales
USRSA Certified

Pickup & Delivery in
High Point, Jamestown, & Trinity
(See Pricing)

Tennis Racket Stringing
High Point, Greensboro, Trinity, Thomasville NC

About Jan
I have been stringing tennis racquets for 30 years. After spending 25 years working in tennis, I retired in 2003. Because of my love of the game and my enjoyment in the art of stringing, I continue to string for players in High Point and Guilford-Randolph County...

Stringing Prices
Prices to restring tennis rackets. Tennis racquet stringing with Prince Strings, Babolat Strings, Gamma Strings and more...

Tennis Blog
Check out my tennis blog. Read about the sport from my point of view and learn about your racquet!

References and Links
Tennis Websites and Favorite Places to visit on the web...

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